10h Prague Street Theatre Festival 16. - 20.7. 2018!


The Festival starts! Tday from 5p.m. at Můstek in the centre of Prague, next program Exhibition grounds in Holešovice. See you there!


One week to go: Za Dveřmi 2017 / 9.ročník Pražského festivalu pouličního divadla! In addition to Czech ensembles, enjoy foreign stars such as Compagnie Une de Plus from France. The performance "Trois" connects puppets, dancing, pantomime, nad masks to create a poetic and fragile universe that reflects the life cycle. Two puppets on the stage, two actors whose costumes cover every single piece of their body...


The holidays are coming and the our festival as well! Find complete program on the website and do not miss the first day with V.O.S.A., AMANITAS fire theater show, Bratři v tricku, La Industrial Teatrera (ES). MoveBreakers will take part in the opening party!

The Czech-French LE CABARET NOMADE is cming to us, and for three days you will have fun - storytelling, concerts or a flea. À bientôt!


Behind the Door 2017, the 9th year of the Prague Street Theater Festival is coming! Watch the news, we reveal the program little by little ... Our favorite The Trick Brothers will also be performing at this year's edition. With the Cross-Country Odyssey. Let´s ski in July together! The picture was designed by Jiří Grus for Cirkuff festival in Trutnov. Thanks!


Legendary Slovak TEATRO TATRO in the Czech premiere! Our dear TT is coming up with the circus tent for two days with the Circus Charms. You will see a trained shark female, a ballet dancer and juggler denying the laws of physics. Enter the world of the circus and let it be enchanted ... tickets for the performance 12th and 13.7. you can buy here.
We're starting to uncover the program: Spaniard with Italian and Argentinean roots. Adrian Schwarzstein's show will be wild and funny! We invited this great performer to Prague with two performances, one of them - the Greenman. His "green man" definitely infects you with a good mood.
The 9th Prague Street Theatre Festival Behind The Door will hapen 10. - 13.7. 2017 in EXHIBITION GROUNDS IN HOLEŠOVICE, Prague 7. We are looking forward to meet you there!

Fire punk, a ballet show of excavators and acrobats or a yurt with silent cinema. The 8th Prague street theatre festival Behind the Door will again offer an unconventional theatre show. It takes place at the exhibition grounds Výstaviště Praha Holešovice and its surroundings on 11 – 14 July 2016. A strong line-up of top world as well as Czech street theatre companies is on! The entrance is free!

Acrobats, actors, performers as well as musicians will enliven the exhibition premises in Holešovice during the second week in July when the 8th Prague street theatre festival Behind the Door takes place. As usual, you can look forward to seeing some stars of street theatre from all over the world and the best Czech productions. Michaela Holbíková, the manager of the festival, is inviting to one of numerous performances: “The special performance called Punk Soul Excavator, which mixes dance, acrobatics and fire show using excavators, is being made just for the festival in cooperation with Amanitas Fire Theatre.”

Artists from all over the world will perform on the exhibition premises from Monday to Thursday. At the beginning of the festival you can see Swedish punk circus Burnt Out Punks. Their fire show is followed by an Italian clown and performer Matteo Galbusera, who has performed in Cirque du Soleil, or by a Czech-Italian acrobatic duo Circo Frico. After a year you can look forward to seeing Spanish company La Tal. “La Tal performed at the festival Behind the Door last year for the first time and they were extremely successful. We are really pleased that they showed interest to perform at the festival again. This time their performance is called Carilló and it is about clowns, knights, their quarrels and passions,” says Michaela Holbíková. As for other performances, you will see a legendary Polish company Teatr Osmégo Dnia or unusual musicians from Scena C. The latter ones will take the audience to a silent cinema showing their own versions of a silent film, horror, western or Star Wars in a fairground yurt. All the sounds, film music or special effects are performed live.

Besides foreign artists, there are a lot of Czech street artists and performers on the programme, e.g. a juggling duo Brothers in Trick or Squadra Sua with their new performance Happy Hour. Continuo Theatre from southern Bohemian village Malovice are coming with a performance Now…? that reflects current sports and cultural affairs with humour and a bit of exaggeration. You might also enjoy storytelling for children as well as adults and music programmes after the evening performances.

The festival performances start at 5 p.m. every day except Monday when the programme starts at 9 p.m. The main evening performances start at 9 p.m. every day. The entrance is free. 

11/07 - 14/07 2016 
VIII Prague Street Theatre Festival BEHIND THE DOOR
Výstaviště Holešovice (Exposition Hall Holešovice)

Street theatre is going to light up Prague! Look forward to seeing the stars of street theatre from all over the world!
The best of new circus, buffoonery and street theatre! Follow us on Facebook!

13. - 18.7. 2015

FREE ENTRY (except the performances Teatro Tatro)


Helium balloon with an acrobat above the Industrial Palace. Tightrope walker and a lot of artists. Be there with us.
13/07/2015 9 pm Exhibition Grounds Prague Holešovice OLIVER ZIMMERMANN & V.O.S.A. THEATRE - GATEWAY TO THE IMAGINATION

International Serious Clowns merged Adam Read, who formed the famous Cirque du Soleil, and Fyodor Makarov, colleague of Slava Polunin. They are coming to Prague in July with the performance The Lost Wheels of Time. Indulge yourself into the world of Alice in Wonderland, which was the inspiration for this street performance!


Do you know what the Funambus is? Definitely much more than the bus. It can dance or breathe. French Cie Underclouds will persuade you about it this year at Behind the Door festival!

Street theatre is going to light up the streets of Prague! We are just preparing the 7th year of Prague street theatre festival called Behind the Door which will offer several novelties. As usual, you can look forward to seeing the stars of street theatre from all over the world. The festival is being expanding, so we need more places where we could present the best of new circus, buffoonery and street theatre. This year the festival will be held not only at usual places in Wenceslas and Jungmann Squares in the city centre but also on the premises of the Prague Exhibition Grounds where the visitors can expect performances in the open air as well as in circus tent, dance and street parties.


Who is going to take part in on 13 – 18 July 2015? E.g. a Spanish company called Compagnie La Tal that was awarded for the best street performance at the biggest art fair in Freiburg, Germany in January 2015 or Serious Clowns consisting of Adam Read, who cooperated with famous Cirque du Soleil, and Fyodor Makarov, Slava Polunin´s colleague. French Cie Underclouds will present their night open air performance FUNAMBUS. We are going to present, for the first time in the Czech Republic, an international project called A Gate to Fantasy and Teatro Tatro is coming with their masterpiece The Master and Margarita. It is obvious that the festival cannot do without Czech masters. You can look forward to the children´s performance Angels performed by Lucie Kašiarová and Vanda Hybnerová or stilt walkers from Long Vehicle Circus with brand new Alice in Wonderland directed by Viktorie Čermáková. And that is not all! We are going to announce other companies soon. One thing is certain – you will see a lot of flying, stilt dancing, singing and playing music.


We look forward to seeing you in July!



We want to be topical and show new things because street theatre and art in public space should have these qualities. There are twenty performances on the programme. I do not deliberately use the word theatre performances because synthesis of genres without any limits has been a creative phenomenon in recent years, which is the proof of free thinking of creators as well as audience.

The issues of freedom of speech, freedom of man and fight for them are the most important topics of this year´s festival.

We do not want to be apathetic, we do not want to give up fighting against injustice, stupidity, indolence and laziness. Therefore we have again prepared a parade of hope in order to point out the difficult situation of artists in Ukraine and other countries.

The festival Behind the Door will present among others We Fulfil Our Dreams, the world premiere of Teatr Biuro Podroży, excellent Grotest Maru on the façade of a building, Teatro Só, awarded many prizes, artists and guests from eight European countries.

A good festival needs not only good acting but also good audience and authentic atmosphere. We believe you will enjoy this different Wenceslas Square with us.

Jakub Vedral, director of the International Street Theatre Festival Behind the Door


BEHIND THE DOOR FESTIVAL 2014 is knocking on the doorIn the period 14th - 18th of July, form Monday to Fridayin the center of Prague, will meet artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Portugal and Ukraine. It will fly in the airdancing on stilts, sing, make music ... playtheater! You'll laughand cryclap, whistle, whoop ... we look forward to you!


We are happy to see you again from 14. - 18.7. 2014!


… are the streets full of experiences!

Every minute of art on streets is so rare, it can surprise and please. Street theatre festival Za dveřmi (Behind the Door) brings countless number of these priceless moments, brings them to children and adults, citizens and tourists - because street theatre doesn't know limits of language or age. You can get to the centre of one big theatre stage in the very centre of Prague in the thrilling historic scenery for 5 days.  

There's a street, a yard, a square behind doors, there's the world behind doors. The world of imagination, theatre and clownery. Don't be afraid to enter it with us!

We bring performances from the whole Europe and even Asia to Prague's squares, streets and yards. Let's join our powers to animate the centre of the city even in summer months. It is a custom that every capital tries to offer a street festival not only for foreign visitors but also for its own citizens. And summer bore in Prague can be forgotten!

Doors are opened wide and we invite you warmly to enter. The theatre welcomes you with open arms!